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Minority Mental Health Awareness

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month July

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month July Mental health is an area in which minorities are frequently under served. July...


Mental Health Awareness Month 2017

Mental Health Awareness Month 2017 Since the year 1949, many have observed the month of May as Mental Health...

building adolescent social skills

Building Adolescent Social Skills in Your Kids

Building Adolescent Social Skills Why is it important to think about building adolescent social skills? One of the primary...


What Exactly is PTRF

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Within the state of North Carolina, as well as the surrounding regions, having the ability...


Adolescents and Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse in Adolescents Substance abuse can take a serious toll in the life of not only the user,...

Psychiatric Treatment

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Benefits

Living with a mental illness or a behavioral health problem creates a significant issue when it comes to daily...

Children Mental Health Problems

Stabilizing Children at Home with Mental Health Problems

Treating children with mental health conditions can be a very challenging time, even for mental health professionals with many...

Mental Health Activities

Mental Health Activities

Mental Health Activities Mental health activities can be done on a daily basis to keep your mind health? Consider...

Avoid Holiday Blues with your Children

This time of the year can be very difficult for millions of Americans around the country, as the holidays...

Know Someone Struggling With Mental Illness?

Do you know someone who struggles with a mental illness? You more than likely do, as one in every...

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