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Struggling with Mental Health

For a large portion of Americans, living with mental health or behavioral health issues is a part of their...


Helping parents & siblings cope with mental illness

As a parent, it is never a simple task when it comes to dealing with a child who struggles...


Is your Child a Latchkey Kid?

In our modern society, both men and women, or both parents are equally becoming invested in their careers, which...


Let’s Teach our Children About Mental Health

Our school system is struggling to face a crisis that not many people are talking about. With over 50...


The Summer is also the Beginning for New Challenges

The summertime can be a great time for families and their children, especially once the school season ends. It’s...

mental health awarness month

SBC Charlotte Wants to Share Mental Health Awareness Month with You!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and now is the time to show your support for friends, family or...


What Can a Behavioral Health Facility Do For You?

We live in a world where those suffering from mental and behavioral health issues have a greater chance of...

Parity- mental health

Parity: Your Rights as a Patient

As a leader in the mental health community in NC and as one of the leading Carolina behavioral health...


What Are Psychiatric Disorders, and Who Can Diagnose Them?

Psychiatric disorders have continued to rise as we continue forward in the 21st century. Whether it can be attributed...


3 Ways to Fight Depression Naturally

While depression is never an easy topic to tackle, the reality is that there are numerous ways to counteract...

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