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Stabilizing Children at Home with Mental Health Problems

Children Mental Health Problems

Treating children with mental health conditions can be a very challenging time, even for mental health professionals with many years of experience under their belts.  Their issues not only affect themselves personally, but all their family acutely; it can be a difficult time for all the parties involved. Children are also constantly growing, learning and changing, which means that their treatment plans may need to be modified over periods of time. With all of the available information due to advancements in the field of mental health treatment, doctors and professionals can rapidly execute their diagnosis and treatment plan.

Living with a child that suffers from a mental health issue can be extremely taxing, especially if there are other children in the family and they have to constantly experience the upheaval that occurs, be it on a regular basis or during “flare-ups”. There is a definite need to provide stabilization for at-home situations, especially if treatment is focused on partial hospitalization or outpatient options.  Even when a child goes to a hospital for treatment, the majority are discharged back to their parents and their residence. With so much time spent at home, parents need to find the right ways to keep the situation as tenable as possible in the house.

Here are some popular methods that one can employ in order to help keep their home environments stress-free and stabilized:

Practice Peace in the Home

This may seem like an obvious answer; after all, who doesn’t love to live in a peaceful, trouble-free environment? But the reality is that there are many daily factors that we may not even realize that contribute to mental health problems and issues.  If your child is exposed to a dysfunctional household that raises stress levels, it can exacerbate their condition.  A home that is constantly challenging to live in and highlights traits such as constant fighting, rushing and planning daily events last minute or even just being emotionally unavailable for a child, can make an enormous difference. Start by making changes here, and you can help reduce some stressors in your child’s life.

Encourage Exercise

Exercising has been proven to help decrease depression and anxiety symptoms, as well as improving one’s mood.  Start small by encouraging exercising as a family together in the living room or basement twice a week.  From there you can help develop active traits for your child to take part in, which will only benefit their physical health and mental health in the long run.

Eating Healthy Works Wonders

It’s no secret that what we put into our bodies can have an affect on our physical health, our brain and our overall mental health.  Some studies link sugary diets to an increase in mental health issues; whether or not there is a direct link is still debated, but the reality is that there is no doubt that what we invest in, we reap accordingly. Providing healthy meals to your child can make a very big difference.

Seek Out Mental Health Care

No matter what you do in terms of providing stabilization at home, it is critical to seek out professional mental health when needed. An expert in the field of mental health can help provide you with one-on-one assessments in regards to your child, the situation at home and provide treatment options and make suggestions that will offer the best chance possible for success.

Stability at home is critical for the success in treatment of mental health issues for children. If you have further questions regarding these options, or want to get to the bottom of your child’s mental health issues, please contact SBC Charlotte for a free and completely private consultation.  Call us at 855-537-2262 today!

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