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A.B.’s family has supported and advocated to get her the best care and treatment for the diagnosis they were given: Reactive Attachment Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Through the years she fought hard to push her parents away and resist help or treatment. When she came to SBC-Charlotte, A.B. was determined to try to get “kicked out” of the program. She would fight, bite, curse, kick and resist all therapy. She would yell “why haven’t you kicked me out?” After a few months of intensive individual treatment and family involvement and therapy, A.B. graduated last week to a group home and has never been closer to her parents. Her parents have used words like “miracle” and “night and day” to describe the differences in A.B.. A.B. and her family are working together toward the goal of her coming home to their home soon.

- A.B. 14 yr old female

JJ had been in many group homes and had services from multiple levels of care. She spent most of her life shifting from one level of treatment service to another. JJ completed the treatment program at SBC-Charlotte. Not only did she successfully graduate from the program, but she achieved more school credits through our education program than she had earned in many years combined. She was able to transition back to her home and school prepared to be successful.

- J.J 13 year old female

C.H. completed and graduated from our treatment program. He discharged home and is living with his family for the first time in 2.5 years! C.H. had been in DSS custody for many years. At the graduation, his parents were tearful when they thanked staff for “sticking” with C.H. and “never giving up when it got hard.” C.H. was able to maintain a level of safety and stability that he had not had in years leading up to his completion of our treatment program.

- C.H. 15 year old Male


I feel supported by our organization. I think we are genuinely committed to helping children and their families succeed.

- R.W.

I have worked at the Charlotte location since we opened.  We have helped many children from throughout the State with their clinical and educational needs.

- J.L.

I like working at Strategic and being able to watch and be part of the treatment process. We work with challenging children and I see the positive difference our program makes when they discharge home.

- A.E.

Community Partners

I was glad to know that Strategic added a residential program in Charlotte.  I had referred and had a few adolescents admitted for treatment.

- BT-Hospital Behavioral Health Unit

We know and appreciate  that Strategic will take the most challenging kids with the most complex treatment needs.

- TD- MCO network team member
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