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What Exactly is PTRF


Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

Within the state of North Carolina, as well as the surrounding regions, having the ability to get treatment for a host of mental or behavioral health issues can be extremely important. The quality of care that you can receive should be second to none, and having the ability to be treated for a host of issues and symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse can make all the difference.  Depending on where you are in your battle with a mental or behavioral health issue, and its severity, one of the best things you can do is reach out to a mental health facility, a doctor, a friend, a family member and talk about your current issues and the need for help and treatment.

PRTF Program

SBC Charlotte is able to offer a wide variety of mental health services in order to meet the needs of each and every individual that walks through our doors.  One service that we often get questions about is the PRTF program, otherwise known as the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility program. SBC Charlotte is able to offer long-term treatment for youth who are experiencing ongoing emotional trauma related to both behavioral and psychiatric challenges. The best part about this program is that it is specifically designed for each and every patient that comes through our doors, so that you do not receive just a common template treatment.

Our Program

The PRTF program at our facility encourages our adolescent patients to work together with their parents and guardians, as we are a strong believer in the power of family.  In order for success to occur, it is imperative that we continue to engage interaction with family, as we believe they play a very strong support role as we actively strive towards the goals in the treatment program. The overall goal is to provide the patient with a stable, secure and comfortable environment where they feel that they are free to open up, which can significantly increase the chances of success.

What we do

In this program, each patient will be provided:

  • A psychological evaluation to help determine what their treatment needs are
  • Family, group & individual therapy
  • Medication management
  • Recreational therapy
  • Licensed private school and North Carolina certified teachers for schooling needs
  • A dedicated team comprised of doctors, nurses, mental health specialists and everyone needed to help every young boy or girl that comes through our doors to gain their life back

Who We Treat Best

The PRTF program is ultimately ideal for young adolescents who are experiencing significant mental health and/or behavioral health issues that severely impairs their ability to function well in their daily life: participation in their schools, their home environments and all other experiences within their community.

Professional Help

The services are provided with extensive monitoring and treatment, as the focus is on Evidence Based Practices, or EBPs, and they include Seeking Safety, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, “Seven Challenges” and the main tenets of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. The program is based on long-term treatment for youth who have received a DSM-V psychiatric diagnosis.

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